Who we are

Established in 1962 as a sister concern of M/S Haji S. Ameerdin & Sons, who are one of the oldest opticians in South Asia, since 1864, having branches in all major cities of Pakistan. They also deal in contact lens and ophthalmic electromedical equipment and devices. Their other subsidiary is M/S E. Plomer & Co. one of the oldest pharmacists since the time of East India Company.

Ethical Labs. was established in collaboration and technical direction of M/S Smith Miller & Patch of USA. The production started in 1965, and operations continued till 1972. Ethical continued making their products under generic mainly OTCs, Vitamins, Cough Syrups, Liver Products, Anti-malarials etc.

In 1983 Ethical Labs. entered into a collaboration with M/S Coopervision of California, USA (formerly SMP) to produce their ophthalmic pharmaceuticals. Coopervision was one of the top three ophthalmic companies of USA.

The whole sterile production area and equipment were upgraded and added on the direction of Coopervision to conform to their standards and specifications and those of International cGMP.

Ethical is now established in Pakistan as one of the leading ophthalmic pharmaceutical manufacturers, catering for almost all the requirements needed in ophthalmic practice, covering diagnostics, local anaesthetics, NSAIDS, Anti-inflammatories, Anti-infectives, Anti-allergics, Dry Eye Treatment, Beta Blockers, Anti glaucoma, Vitamins/ Anti-oxidants for Cataract, Viscoelastics etc.

We have state of the art manufacturing and quality control equipment, meeting the rigid standards of cGMP and WHO.

Our Team

The Production, Quality Control and Marketing Departments are manned by professionally qualified experienced and motivated personnel.

The Chief Executive is Mr. Hafeez Ud Din Sheikh with an experience of Pharmaceuticals spanning more than five decades.

The Marketing Department is being looked after by Mr. Abdul Waheed Sheikh, Director/Chief Operating Officer, having qualified his business studies from Boston University USA, and other marketing professionals with experience from foreign countries.

The entire management and field staff are young and dynamic.


Ethical has also been exporting to some Middle Eastern, African and CIS states. They have technical collaboration currently with M/S Deseret Laboratories USA and M/S Refarmed chemicals, Switzerland, for some of our products.